Song 4 Viv

by Doozer McDooze

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This is a song about Viv, She got ecivted on thursday for hoarding far too much in her 1 bed flat. She is now homeless at a horrible time of the year.

Some of us went and tried to get as much stuff out before the bailiffs turned up, she still has aload of stuff to get out.

All money raised from this track will go to Viv, thats after Bandcamp take their 15% and paypal take 5% of that.

Chip and help out if you can

thank you



released November 30, 2013



all rights reserved


Doozer McDooze Southend On Sea, UK

Doozer McDooze is a singer songwriter from Essex. He has passion to play everywhere and anywhere; from venues to car parks, squats, campfires, backs of vans, queues, the street, coffee shops, pubs and house parties...
He has toured all over Europe, in nine different Countries, and tons of Festivals

In a download world of media solitude, Doozer likes to give music back to the people.
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Track Name: Song for Viv
There this woman called Viv and they throw her in the streets
Because she collected too much stuff oh it was piling up
She couldn't get in her bed room for the pass 5 years
Be careful of this story it could bring you to tears
She's got an attachment for every single thing
She can't let it go out of her life it would cause her to such pain

When someone needs help can't we just help
Except move the blame to someone else

So a few friends got together and tried as quick we could
To get as much stuff out of that flat before the bailiffs turned up
But they turned up on time and they just changed the locks
And on one seems to care where tonight she will stop
Vulnerable old lady, a little bit eccentric
And we like her dearly and don't think this should stick
Can you just help when someone needs help not make it a problem
That's the reason they kicked her out and I know they gave her time
Didn't offer help well not the sort that works
Someone needs to know, don't let this lady just go
Become another statistic another news story on a Friday

When someone needs help cant we just help
Except move the blame to someone else
Track Name: They Dont Give a Stuff about US
You cant do that 50 yards from their house
But you can do it 50 yards from mine
Tear it up and rip it apart, totally destroy all of our country side
for short term gain and long term problems
, what the hell is wrong with them
all in the name of greed
So set the water on fire
Build them drills a little bit higher
how much money do you need

and on the days when i think its ok and something brings me crashing down

they dont get a stuff about us

What the hell you doing that for
why going out and starting war
im not finding it very funny
shoot children in the face
you lot are a total disgrace
ITs all in the name of money
but we're fanning the fire
we're feeding the flames
dont you know we're all the blame
have you thought ab out it sunny
why dont thee shop locally, keep it in your comumity
dont let the bastards get your money

I know im not being releastic and i was gutted to find out S&M fund war

They dont give a stuff about us